Add value to your business by purchasing MIRACLE MEND Windshield Chip Repair Kit NSW (Miracle Mend Repair System Kit). This comes with all the needed resources for you to start incorporating it to your business including:


  • CD
  • Training Manuals
  • Personal Training


Are you worried about the costs? No need to think about it because this comes at a very modest set up costs with all of the following advantages:


Windshield Chip Repair Kit NSW Business Benefits


franchise fees
own business
no monthly licensing
work your own hours
no royalty fees
professional tool kit
low investment
affordable start-up costs
proven system
over 20 years of R&D

Miracle Mend Business


Start from Scratch with Miracle Mend Windshield Chip Repair Kit NSW

Don't miss the opportunity to grow your business from scratch. We have many successful repair operators who have also started the same. But by specialising in windscreen and glass repairs in NSW, QLD, Victoria and even in Tasmania; they've managed to become successful with these endeavors.

Today, even windscreen replacement companies throughout Australia are using this technology. Some even utilise prudent advertising to target specific locations and establishments within their territory. These allows them to build a large client base. Thus allowing them to have more income as they maintain a sustainable and profitable business.


How to promote your Windshield Chip Repair NSW Business

Some of the tried and proven methods for promoting a new business to obtain work include:

  • SIGNAGE of vehicles and other signs in strategic locations
  • Advertise in a local SERVICE DIRECTORY
  • NOTICE BOARDS at clubs, caravan parks, tourist parks, motels,shopping centres and apartment blocks.
  • ADVERTISEMENTS in motoring/tourist sections of magazines and newspapers
  • LEAFLET drops (Particularly in car parks)
  • TRADE shows and exhibitions


Other Promotional Methods to Grow your Business

This type of advertising and promotion together with regular and systematic calls to some of the following venues will pay dividends.

  • Car sale yards
  • Hire car firms
  • Bus, truck and taxi companies
  • Mine sites and earthmoving equipment providers
  • Shire work Depots
  • Fleet owners
  • Insurance companies
  • Wrecking yards
  • Car cleaners and service workshops
  • Smash repair shops

By investing in one of our professional toolkits, which includes the Windshield Chip Repair Kit NSW,  which come complete within a robust case and step by step instruction disc and manual; you will become an expert in no time at all and be on your way to building your own business.

We offer a complete backup service for all our componentry and resins and can affect next day delivery in most instances. We are only a phone call away should you require assistance with operating the equipment or with troublesome jobs.

What are you waiting for? Build your own business with Miracle Mend Windshield Repair Kit NSW  this 2019. Call us at 0407 926 984.