Step 1 & 2windshield chip repair kit QLD Step 1 and 2

Clean Glass with razor blade and clean cloth.windshield chip repair kit North Territory clean glass

Step 2. Drill into the centre of the damage. DO NOT DRILL into the plastic layer. Blow out the dust, before placing the applicator in position.

Step 3windshield chip repair kit Tasmania step 3

windscreen repair kit applicatorPlace applicator in position and suck onto the glass, with the vacuum pump attached to the windscreen seal valve. Use the mirror on the inside of the glass to accurately place applicator and monitor the repair.

windshield chip repair kit Vic Step 4Step 4

Remove the vacuum pump, attach to the pressure cylinder valve. Ensure a vacuum can be held. Load the Hypodermic syringe with 0.15ml of SILVER resin and place firmly on to the top of the pressure cylinder. Apply vacuum, restraining the syringe plunger for 30 seconds, and leave under vacuum for 2-3 minutes.

windshield chip repair kit NSW step 5Step 5

Insert pressure screw, tighten until resin is near leaking.

windshield chip repair kit Vic step 6Step 6

Observe resin creeping along the crevices, the speed of penetration varies. After two minutes there should be obvious movement. When the flow appears to be slowing, remove pressure screw and insert the star probe, once again producing a vacuum in the pressure cylinder.


windscreen resin step 6Press firmly on the probe and notice the cracks reappearing. Hold steady for at least 30 seconds. When it is obvious the resin is flowing again, replace the pressure screw and allow the pressure to the resin into all areas. Refer to the manual for details of correction techniques.

Step 7

windshield chip repair kit North Territory step 7When you are sure all the pockets and crevices in the damage are completely filled, remove the applicator from the screen by lifting the edge of the windscreen seal. Mop up with a cloth all surplus resin, remove any resin from your applicator and stow it in the kit. Apply GOLD resin to the crater from a bottle or a black resin dispenser (recommended) taking care to illuminate air bubbles. Apply a piece of mylar film to cover the resin and the crater. Roll a resin bottle along the film to create a thin layer of resin. Expose to sunlight or the UV lamp for about 2 minutes. The resin should be hard and crackle as the film is removed.

windshield chip repair kit QLD step 8Step 8

When the surplus resin has been removed until flush with the glass surface, apply a drop of "Plastic Polish" or spray a light film of "Dry Wash and Polish" to the repaired crater and buff with the electric drill and a felt buffing wheel or calico mop at high speed until a good shine appears.