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About Our Beginnings

MIRACLE MEND began developing this repair system in Australia way back in 1982 and pioneered the use of a vacuum system to remove air and pollutants from the crevices of star and bulls eye cracks whilst at the same time injecting strong resins into the crevices.

Over 30 years of research and development has resulted in the strongest and clearest bonding resins produced anywhere in the world.


Continued refinement of repair techniques and the development of a complete robust toolkit makes MIRACLE MEND Windscreen Repair Systems foremost in the world today. Many hundreds of professional repair technicians are using this system in Australia and around the world.

Modern laminated windscreens, though lighter and generally not as strong as tempered or toughened windscreens, are remarkably safe. They generally hold together when impacted thereby avoiding serious laceration to the vehicles occupants.

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Miracle Mend ABN: 73 895 286 597